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Because no single way of eating works for everybody.

Confused about eggs? Me too.


What are these things, anyway?

In the world of nutrition, eggs have come and gone like fashion for years. I’d say they were the Number One Insanely Confusing Food in the Western diet. The reports keep coming and going: eggs are naturally good for you – nourishing and delicious. No, eggs are poison; they’re full of cholesterol and they’ll kill you where you stand. No, wrong again, eggs are nature’s health food, have more of them, they’re great!

Evil eggs with twirly black moustaches, glaring at you from the depths of the fridge, plotting your downfall. Good eggs with angel wings, hovering around your head, trying to make you lose weight and be  healthy.

There must be some reality in this. Some truth that actually… eggsists.

It seems to me that the more you know about what went into the chicken, the safer you’ll be eating its eggs – organic eggs, free-range eggs, and so on. But does that mean supermarket eggs are totally bad for humans? Can you eat them within limits? Does it make a difference at all?

I’m getting concerned about the odd, unnatural things that may be lurking in my food (picture a cat shaking its paw in disgust, because something icky’s on it). So I buy my eggs from a farmer – I’m lucky to be able to do that. But does that mean that people who haven’t the luxury of buying more “natural” eggs should give them up completely, and be denied their considerable health benefits?

What do you think?


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