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This Could Change Everything (Or At Least Some Things)


Free radicals make us age, right? Well, apparently not. A researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has discovered that oxygen free radicals – the chemicals that result from our bodies converting oxygen into energy – have nothing to do with the aging process. Creatures on calorically-deprived diets don’t live longer because they generate fewer free radicals; they live longer because of an increase in their respiration. This Scientific American article even states that taking antioxidant supplements may do us more harm than good. Free radicals, far from damaging tissues as has been thought in the past, actually work to repair damaged tissues. So increasing your level of antioxidants might make you age faster rather than slower.

This is yet another example of confusing contradictions in the world of nutrition, health, and food.

I think I’m going to adpot a sensible approach: keep eating fruits and veggies, but not going crazy. And I’m not taking artificial antioxidant supplements until we’ve got more data. Actual food is better than fake food, anyway.


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