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Milk, and Why it Makes Me a Hyprocrite


I am indeed a hypocrite – and not just about cows being treated unnaturally to provide humans with milk.

What’s with this Milk Thing? I’m speaking of cow’s milk here, rather than the milk of any other mammal. Milk is the perfect food for baby cattle. Milk isn’t something any other species drinks past infancy. And while we’ve been told for decades that milk is healthy and we should drink it, there are conflicting studies out there now that milk actually leaches calcium from our bones.

Given that milk-drinking nations apparently have the highest osteoporosis rates, I can’t help thinking that this latter statement might have some relevance. Being told to guzzle the cow-juice for stronger bones has begun to strike me as, well, just so much bovine waste product. So I’ve quit drinking milk.

Except in my tea.

And I do eat cheese, sometimes.

And occasionally, yogurt.

And the odd dish of ice cream.

But not very often.

So that’s why I’m a hypocrite. I don’t really think milk is good for me; but I haven’t decided to entirely do away with it. Maybe, if it’s in contact with something acid like tea, or if it’s had its nature changed like in cheese or yogurt, its character changes, and it’s less bad for my bones?

I dunno. Probably not. But at least I’m not guzzling the stuff.


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