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Salad as Dressing Delivery System


There’s a wonderful scene in an episode of The West Wing, in which Toby Ziegler is eating a salad – something he seldom does. When pestered by a colleague, Toby explains that he doesn’t know what kind of salad he’s eating – and clearly doesn’t care, given the rant he goes into. “I don’t know… it’s a bowl of weeds!” he says. “Which, by the way, even if you covered it in barbecue sauce, it would still taste like the ground!” (Here’s Toby’s rant – it made me laugh. A lot.)

I must confess that I half agree with him. Those green leaves (and red ones), nutritious and healthful as they are, just don’t turn me on by themselves.

But unlike Toby, I find I do enjoy salads very much – if I cover them with something.

(Not barbecue sauce. Not yet, anyway.)

Because I am inherently lazy, I try to find premade salad dressings that contain a minimum of unpronounceables. But if I’m doing a big bowl of tossed salad and I want to do a home-made dressing while barely thinking about it, I use a method taught me by my good friend Alison Bidwell.

Get your greens and put them in a bowl. Pour on some really good olive oil. Toss. Pour on some cider vinegar, or balsamic, or vinegar of your choice. Toss some more. Shake some dried herbs on top. Toss again. Garlic. Toss. Salt. Toss. Pepper. Toss. Build your salad dressing in layers, until the weeds – I mean, the greens – taste just the way you want them to. Then add nuts or other crunchies, serve, and chow down.

Salad’s good for you… incredibly good for you. Whether you’re eating paleo or vegetarian or vegan or low-carb or low-fat or traditional-foods or raw-foods or heaven-knows-what, salad greens should always be on the menu. They’re an amazing source of natural nutrition and good health.

But really, it’s all about the dressing.


2 comments on “Salad as Dressing Delivery System

  1. Andaleeb Tobaccowala
    February 11, 2013

    Love today’s blog, IT IS all about the dressing.

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