Think, Read, Cook

Because no single way of eating works for everybody.

Where I Think I’m Going


Yep, that’s what I’m saying.



Uh-huh… that’s what I’m talking about.



Uh-oh. Hang on. That’s not what I meant.

Oh, you thought I was commenting on my mental state? Nah; that’s well known to my family and friends, and hardly worth blogging about.



I was talking about food.

Writing in this blog has helped me concentrate on my eating habits more than ever these past few weeks. And the more I read and research about alternatives for food and health, the more I seem able to classify what I’m currently working with as a kind of modified primal approach.

This means I do best eating fresh meat and eggs and vegetables and fruits, as well-raised as possible. Unprocessed fat to burn as energy, so my body won’t have to store it. Some starchy tubers… some dark chocolate. And of course some wine – I’m sure those cave-guys and girls sometimes got into the fermented fruit and relaxed a little. I have no trouble avoiding wheat, since I have to; and I’ve been eating far fewer grains of any kind lately, since I started listening to my body’s reaction to them. Some rice now and then is about all. And not much in the way of sugar either. I can do without the insulin spikes, and don’t have the same kind of sweet tooth I used to in any case.

But I’m still not committed to one food “religion” or another.


And I’m still taking milk in my tea.


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