Think, Read, Cook

Because no single way of eating works for everybody.

Humans: Our Mileage May Vary


Reading this article about grains on the Wake Up World website, I came across a paragraph about Dr. Roger Williams, noted US biochemist and discoverer of pantothenic acid. He conducted extensive research into individual biochemistry, studying not only differences in people’s internal anatomy, but variations in their endocrines, enzymes, and blood vitamins and minerals. What he found was “considerable variation from person to person often with a hundred fold or more difference for the various compounds he was testing for.

It’s no wonder, when you think about it. In the thousands of years humans have been on Earth, we’ve travelled, interbred, and adapted to locations with such disparate climates and food supplies that it’s amazing we’re still one species. Truly, we’re not even close to being all the same – in the way we look, or the way our bodies function at their basic physical and biochemical levels.

This explains why no single way of eating works for everybody.

Eventually there may be some StarTrekish analysis device – hopefully one that looks like a salt-shaker – that doctors can wave over you a couple of times to scan your composition and functions, and then they’ll be able to pronounce what kinds of foods you should eat and which ones you should avoid. But until that day comes, I think the only way of managing diet is to do these things:

1. Research and learn about food and biochemistry.

2. Experiment with what you eat.

3. Pay attention to your body’s reactions to what you put into it – notwithstanding what any other human body’s reaction may be, when someone else eats the same food.

4. Pick the things that work for you.

5. Don’t ever, ever believe anyone who says, “Such-and-such diet is the way all humans ought to eat.” Because obviously, that can’t be true.

Oh, and of course:

6. Enjoy the journey! 🙂



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