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Correlation, or Causation?


The Horrible Headcold of Dracula, the one that kept me in bed for 3 days, is now just a few lingering symptoms and a screwed-up schedule. Which sounds like a ho-hum thing… except that for me, that’s the fastest I’ve managed to kick a cold in, oh, maybe, my life?

Generally, colds knock me out flat. I’ve never got the kind of “normal” cold that I could “work through”. They’ve always meant at least six days of awfulness, dripping and wheezing, throat-pain and head-swelling and general agony. They were like being a hippopotamus swimming in lime Jell-O, fighting not to go under for the third time. They were really, really Not Good.

This one started out that way. And then, after 3 days of it, I suddenly found I was no longer sick.

Sure, I still have some symptoms. I blow my  nose a lot; my brain isn’t completely up to speed, because I’ve still got gunk in my sinuses; and I cough a bit. But I am no longer a Wonderland Of Germs. I’m better. Just like that.

Over the past four months or so I’ve been having insane vegetable cravings – more about how I came by those in another post – and so I’ve been giving in to them. Lately I’ve been eating so many vegetables that I may grow freakish sprouts out my ears. Fresh, raw vegetables – particularly huge salads – or fresh, cooked vegetables. Every day. Mmmmm.

I know, correlation is not causation. But given this article on Bliss Returned, this article in Science Daily, this article from Global Healing Center, this article on LiveStrong, and a great number of others, it could be that my formerly mediocre-to-lousy immune system is really getting a boost from all the additional vegetation I’ve thoughtlessly been sending its way.

Not that I want to get another cold any time soon, even to test this theory… but when I do get one I’ll be watching the sucker closely. I’ll want to see if there’s more correlation happening.

Is it just me? Or does anyone else find a correlation – or even a causation – with eating more vegetables and having a stronger immune system? I’d love to read your feedback.


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