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The Secret of Longevity… and it’s Not a Food Group


Last night I heard this CBC broadcast, “The Longevity Puzzle”. I really recommend you give it a listen, too… because I think it contains the secret of long life.

The program examines the population of a region in Sardinia. The people living there are mostly shepherds and their wives, and it’s not uncommon for both men and women to live into their late 90s and even their 100s.

The research in this documentary is extensive, and so are the speculations. Why do these people live so long? Is it because they get a lot of low-level exercise, walking over fields and hills every day? That may part of it. Is it because of community support? That probably contributes to it as well. Modern healthcare? Certainly that takes care of a lot of problems. No processed foods? Got to be a big factor. It didn’t seem to matter how much, or how little, red meat and red wine they consumed, so that didn’t figure into the equation.

Eventually the interviewer asks one of the village men, a centenarian, why he thinks he and his wife (who has died, having passed her 100th birthday) had lived such a long life. They’ved known hard times, hard work, all kinds of circumstances both good and bad. Why have they been so long-lived?

“My wife and me,” he answered, “every day, we’re always laughing. Sometimes with tears in our eyes, we’re laughing so hard. That’s why, I think.”

So I’m going to keep laughing. I think it gets you through a lot of years… and makes the journey good.


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