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Metric Conversions Page Now Up!


In Canada, we use both Metric and Imperial measurements. We converted to the Metric system in the mid-70s, but since the United States is our largest trading partner, and they use the Imperial system, we really have to know both. And while we use Metric for most everything, somehow cooking with grams and millilitres hasn’t completely caught on.

Consequently, I’m an Imperial System cook, and the recipes I’ve been sharing have all used those measures. But as a reader has pointed out to me (thanks, Judy! 🙂 ), Metric is the way to cook in most countries of the world.

So I’ve added a Metric Conversions page. It contains a table of Imperial-to-Metric conversions for recipes… so that you’ll be certain to know what on earth I’m talking about when I post a recipe. You’ll find the “Metric Conversions” page  on the front page of the blog, under the “About” page. Or Click here to take a quick look at it.

Let me know if I’ve missed any Metric conversions you need!



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